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Erik Fischer, CFP®

Erik Fischer, CFP®


Erik helps individuals, couples, business owners and executives maximize their own personal economy and gets them on the right path for a comfortable retirement.

Does this sound familiar?...

  • You want to maximize your personal and business finances, but your investment adviser just “rebalances” your portfolio and expects the market to take care of you.
  • You want to protect yourself and family against risk while minimizing insurance costs, but your insurance agent just “sells” you more insurance.
  • You want proactive advice to reduce taxes today AND in the future, but your CPA just “prepares” your tax return.
  • You have competing voices on your financial team

The missing ingredient...proactive, coordinated advice.

Erik specializes in helping people solve these challenges, and has had the good fortune of working with many highly successful clients just like you -- helping them apply proven strategies to reduce their taxes, increase their income, and retire with higher retirement income potential.